Healthy mind – guarantee of long life! Alzheimer's disease prevention

There are people who in their 83 years old live full life and discover new horizons of knowledge every day. But brain must be treated good entire life as it is a center of our social well-being.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, a brain disorder that significantly interferes with your ability to carry out daily activities. Marked by the degeneration of healthy brain tissue, Alzheimer’s triggers a gradual decline in memory and mental functioning.

In many cases, people with Alzheimer’s experience difficulty recalling recent events and names of people they know.

As the condition worsens, patients may have trouble reading, writing, speaking, and recognizing family members. Most people with Alzheimer’s eventually require complete care.

There are various pharmaceutical medications available which are designed to treat one or more of the symptoms. Antidepressants, mood stabilizers and antipsychotics are the most common. But all of these drugs come with risks, many of which are severe. A new study from the University of Michigan Health System found that medications for dementia may significantly increase patient’s health risks. What’s more, the risk increases with the dosage of these medications, along with drug interactions (when two or more medications are used and react negatively with each other).

Bur how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease without being weakened by harmful medications?

The answer is simple – eat natural remedies! You have nothing to lose by trying them, so let’s get started with our top 5 recommendations in order of importance.

Coconut oil works so incredibly well for dementia patients it almost seems like a “magic bullet” cure. Coconut oil contains substances called ketones, which are a powerful brain food (one of the best actually). The healthy fats contained in coconut oil also help to rebuild the lining of the nerves so brain communication is increased and healthy nerve function is enhanced. Virtually all dementia suffers (especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients) who try it receive overwhelmingly positive benefits. I had the privilege of interviewing world-renowned coconut oil expert and author, Dr Bruce Fife, not so long ago and he spoke extensively about the power of coconut oil for preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease (and backed it up with some very reputable studies).

Cinnamon Extract. Researchers have now been able to confirm that dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s are actually a form of diabetes. In fact, Alzheimer’s is now being labelled as type III diabetes. What this means is the brain has basically become “insulin resistant”. But what’s really exciting is that cinnamon extract, which works extremely well for type I and type II diabetes, also works very well for dementia – especially Alzheimer’s disease… In a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers found two compounds in cinnamon extract help stop the disintegration and dysfunction of the tau protein. By keeping this protein strong, scientists believe neurofibrillary tangles (these “tangles” are thought to be a prime suspect and cause in brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease) can be prevented and even reversed. Insulin and insulin receptors located in the brain are also essential for memory and cognitive functions, and these have been found to be significantly lower in Alzheimer’s patients. But cinnamon regulates brain insulin activity, which in turn, helps to restore normal brain functioning.

B Group Vitamins, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed the B group vitamins, in particular, vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, can help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

For vitamin B12, a sublingual spray containing methylcobalamin is the absolute best and most absorbable way to get your daily dose (a few sprays under the tongue and you’re done). Here’s what one looks like… B12 Sublingual Spray. For the other B group vitamins (and an extra dose of B12), a good quality B complex supplement will suffice.For your vitamin D, there are two ways. Firstly, get out in the sun! 20-40 minutes of regular sun exposure a day (depending on the temperature) is still the best way to receive the vitamin D your body needs. The most important areas of exposure are the face and back of the hands. In addition to this, and especially if you live in cold climates, supplementation with vitamin D3 (the same as what the sun makes) is crucial. Best sources are vitamin D3 supplements and cod liver oil. Just remember too, our body’s need lots of vitamin D so don’t be afraid of overdosing on this vital nutrient (vitamin D expert, Dr Cedric Garland, recommends a minimum of 5000 IU’s of vitamin D per day so I suggest you follow his guidelines and not the RDA). For vitamin E, the best source is without a doubt unprocessed red palm oil. The benefit of red palm oil is not only is it incredibly high in the eight different forms of molecules categorized as vitamin E (including the “king of kings” alpha-tocopherol), it’s also high in the healthy ketone fats all dementia sufferers need. And in addition, red palm oil helps with blood circulation, along with providing powerful neuroprotection just for good measure!

Minerals are commonly referred to as “the sparks of life”. Our bodies need over 60 essential minerals and trace elements every day to function correctly and at its peak. Exactly how many minerals our brain needs to function properly, no one really knows. But it’s lots! Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for the brain and for healthy nerve function (this is also one mineral that’s severely lacking from our modern day diets). Studies have shown that dementia sufferers can improve, some quite dramatically in fact, from correct mineral supplementation. Liquid colloidal minerals are the best and most absorbable way to get the required 60+ minerals your body and brain needs every day (they’re the only way really). For magnesium, a transdermal magnesium spray is the best way to go. Magnesium is tough for the body to absorb but with a transdermal magnesium spray, it’s penetrated directly into the blood stream via the skin. If this is not practical or you don’t like the idea of spraying an oil on your skin every day, there is a terrific magnesium supplement available called Natural Calm, which is actually one of the very few oral magnesium supplements on the market that’s highly absorbable (and doesn’t taste awful).

Omega-3 fatty acids are yet another fat that are incredibly healthy for the brain and nervous system. They contain the EPA and DHA essential fatty acids, which help to prevent brain cell damage and keep the nervous system in peak working order. And they don’t just help to slow down the progression of dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s either, they also help to lower ones risk of developing the disease in the first place. Best sources of omega-3’s are fish oil, cod liver oil and krill oil. Krill oil is probably the pick of the bunch because it contains a substance called Astaxanthin, which is a potent “brain food” and has been shown in studies to help prevent neurodegeneration of the brain.

You must be patient and consistent with the daily application of these recommendations.  So what are you waiting for? Get going on this straight away. We guarantee, the results are going to blow your mind! (In a good way though).