Three drinks to low your high blood sugar! Do not let the diabetes limit your life

There is a lot of information about how dangerous diabetes is, but like every other disease it can be treated in different ways. We propose to you simple but effective method to low high level of blood sugar. It is natural, non-poisonous and can be used in people with any type of diabetes. Moreover, it’s a good preventive measure if you’re in risk of having diabetes.

In case of drinking these juices every day, using other nonspecific therapeutic activities and medication treatment the result will not make you wait!

Recipes for diabetics (or people with pre-diabetes)

In the first few recipes I will share here there is one common ingredient that is found in most anti-diabetes medication – bitter melon. According to it contains 4 ingredients that help lower blood glucose levels – lectin, charantin, vicine and polypetide-p.

NYU Langone medical center says that bitter melon is so potent that when combined with medication may reduce blood sugar too much that it can fall to dangerously low levels.

That’s the good news, the bad news is bitter melon is the most bitter among all the fruits and vegetables, if you are not used to it, you can gag or vomit at the first sip.

So these recipes I’ll share with your range from the most bitter to less bitter, adding ingredients along the way to dilute the strong flavor but take note that if you are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, stick with the first few recipes and avoid adding ingredients that has too much sugar in it.

Experts say that you should avoid eating more than 2 bitter gourds per day. Also if you are pregnant avoid drinking these because it might trigger premature contraction and bleeding which may result to a miscarriage.


Recipe № 1.

The Blood Sugar Buster

2 large bitter melons

And nothing else

My dad has type-2 diabetes and he has drunk this very bitter recipe the past few months and now is off his medication. His blood glucose levels have been below the borderline mark as well as his A1C test which measures the blood glucose levels the past three months.

This is the most concentrated form and it is very bitter but it is very potent.


Recipe № 2

Blood Sugar Busting Diuretic

2 large bitter melons

1 medium cucumber

Half a lemon

Both the cucumber and lemon will dilute the strong bitter flavour of the 2 large bitter melons but you will still feel the bitterness of this drink as you chug it down. If you’re afraid of drinking pure bitter melon juice, this is a good alternative recipe to get your taste buds acquainted to the flavor.


Recipe № 3

Slightly Sweet and Very Bitter

2 large bitter melons

1 medium cucumber

Half a lemon

1 Fuji apple

If the blood sugar busting diuretic is still too strong for you then try this recipe, it is similar but I’ve added a Fuji apple in there. I love using these types of apples because they are firm and have a lot of juice but limit it to just one because we don’t want to add to much fructose into this drink.

If you prefer to use green apple that’s alright because it’s purpose is only to dilute bitterness and add flavour to this drink.