This Herb Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine Forever

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for us. However, quitting this unhealthy habit can be quite the challenge.

One of the main reasons smokers keep smoking is nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that makes you addicted to smoking. Over time your body gets used to having nicotine – the more you smoke‚ the more nicotine you need to feel normal.

When your body doesn’t get nicotine, you may feel uncomfortable and crave cigarettes. This is called withdrawal. It takes a time to get over withdrawal. Most physical symptoms go away after several days to a week, but cigarette cravings may stick around longer.

If you’re serious about giving up cigarettes, then you need to add the following herb to your diet – Stevia.

How to use Stevia to quit smoking

According to a recent German study, Stevia can help cure smoking and alcohol addiction.

This herb will help you give up smoking by blocking the craving signals your brain is trying send.

Stevia is a plant from the chrysanthemum family, that originate from Paraguay, which has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries.

For anti-smoking therapy, just apply a couple of drops of stevia directly on your tongue whenever you feel the desire for a cig. This simple routine instantly and remarkably kills any craving for a smoke.

Look for stevia in powder or liquid form in supermarkets and health-food stores. You’re likely to find it on the baking goods aisle or in the health food aisle.

Besides all that, Stevia is excellent in the fight against obesity and also helps in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension, but most importantly, it kills any desire for nicotine. Moreover, it can be used as a mask for skin care as it nourishes, tightens and makes it smooth. Stevia can also be used to combat acne and effectively acts against dermatitis.

This is how to grow it at home:

It cannot survive in freezing conditions as it likes warm temperatures and the sun. Its root survives in zones 9 and warmer and might grow again in spring.

If well protected, it can also survive in zone 8. Plant the Stevia in 12-inch containers, with high-quality soil. Place them to be exposed to direct sunlight and water it when the soil is dry.

Leave the plant to have a space of 18 inches, in a well-drained, loamy, and loose soil. It might reach a height of 1-3 feet. Plant it after the end of the frost, and use nice compost.

To prevent drying, use mulch in the summer. Do not use soggy soil, and make sure it has a good drainage. Note that the roots are rotten or attacked by insects if the plant wilts.

Trim off the flowers in fall, as it blooms then, in order to stimulate the growth of new leaves. The flowers are white, and to help the plant release more leaves, clip off the blooms. On the other hand, the leaves are the sweetest in autumn, before it starts blooming.

When the leaves are plucked, dry them to be able to use them longer. Cut off the stems, and eliminate the leaves and tender stems. Scatter it on woven fabric or some non-metal surface, and dry the leaves in the sun.

This process lasts for a day, and you should then collect them and place them in a container. Crush the leaves and make a powder.

Pour the powder into airtight containers, and add it to your foods and drinks to sweeten them.

How to use stevia

For nicotine cravings: just apply a couple of drops of liquid stevia directly on your tongue whenever you feel the desire for a cigarette. This will instantly stop the craving.

To replace sugar: use about 1/8 teaspoon of dried stevia to equal the sweetness of 1 teaspoon of sugar. You can also use fresh leaves during the growing season. Fresh leaves are approximately 1/4 as concentrated as powdered stevia.


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