8 Alternatives To Deodorants For Pleasant Smelling Armpits

Everyone wants to smell nice and especially under your armpit. Deodorants and fragrances are ok but are not healthy and not as effective as we think. If you dislike chemicals and tried deodorants that do not work, read our advice below:


Shaving has complications afterward since the body has a hair for a reason on the top layer. We irritate the skin with the razors and shaving creams. Depilation creams and razors make bacteria grow more to the exposed skin. The moisture makes the bad smell.


Get lemon juice just a splash and add in ACV and water. Put this in one spray bottle and before you dress, shake up the bottle and spray on the armpits just a bit. Also, keep one bottle at work for the whole day. The skin will have no bacteria and the smell will not be unpleasant.


Remove bad odor by cleaning the whole body with natural cleanser soaps. Handmade soaps of milk (goat) or castile soap.


Stop the odor before it happens. Apply talc after you wash with natural soaps and the bacteria will not appear for the whole day.


These oils soothe the skin and hide the odor too. This oil is antifungal and kills bacteria too and this was known for centuries back. Mix rosewater and some drops of this oil and spray it.


Here is another great method for removal of armpit smell. You should just mix water, rosewater, and hydrogen peroxide.


The best and healthiest fruit is great for this use. The lemon stabilizes the pH of the skin and just get a lemon piece, rub it under the arms for 15 min and smell fresh.


You should rub the armpit skin with damp alum piece.


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