Cornell Student Who Took on Bill Gates, Monsanto Plans to Expose Their Agenda Even Further in Blockbuster New Project 

The GMO free movement has reached dizzying heights in recent years, with organic food sales rising by $3.3 billion by last count, and showing no signs of slowing.

Despite that, the U.S. academic scene remains committed to chemical intensive agriculture, in large part because many colleges are bursting at the seams with donations from Monsanto and other corporations.

One of the most prominent among them is Cornell, which recently received a grant worth more than $6 millionfrom the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

But the school’s ongoing GMO propaganda-fest is being countered by a renegade student and filmmaker named Robert Schooler, whose latest project aims to expose Cornell and Gates’s GMO agenda on a level not seen in years.

Combating GMO Propaganda on Campus

In 2016, Schooler let loose in an open letter to Gates and Cornell that went viral.

Sounding off on what he called a “blatant display of unscientific propaganda,” Schooler detailed his experiences in a 2015 course titled “The GMO Debate,” which was completely one-sided in favor of the Biotech industry.

Frustrated, he decided to launch his own series of campus lectures, inviting experts like Frances Moore Lappé, Vandana Shiva, and T. Colin Campbell, all authors with extensive research backgrounds in the field.

“The whole thing, to be honest, was a total blast, and I’ve made some lifetime friends in the process!” Schooler said. “I can’t express enough of my deep gratitude for all those that contributed, and made this goal a reality.”

Despite Schooler’s efforts, the propaganda on campus has continued, culminating in Gates’ new multi-million dollar pro-GMO campaign.

Now, Schooler is preparing to unleash what could be his most important project to date.

“Hey Cornell, remember me? Your beloved hippie student who can’t stand the fact that you’re so cozy with Monsanto and the Biotech GMO industry?” Schooler asks in a video announcing plans for the aforementioned new film project.

“Remember when (in that course) your professors claimed that the glyphosate ingredient in Roundup is safer than table salt and coffee?” he continues. “That we need GMOs to solve world hunger?”

“Remember when midway through (their pro-Biotech) course I learned that all the professors making these wild claims along with the deans of the Ag school, were all copied in emails from Monsanto, their PR firms and other biotech corporations?”“Remember when I decided to host my own independent GMO course at Cornell, free from Monsanto influence?

“Well that’s why I’ve decided to create a documentary film about my experiences, well more like an open letter to you and also to Bill Gates, Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson…and everyone else who considers themselves to be pro-GMO.”

Schooler hopes his first film, titled GMO WTF (which stands for Grow More Organic Wholesome Tasty Food), will receive the funding it needs through its GoFundMe page, which can be found by clicking here.

Check out his must-watch video announcing the project by clicking below:

Schooler’s Plans for New Film (Plus How to Support Him) 

With his friends from the GMO WTF lecture series all expected to contribute, Schooler plans to expose the truth on topics including:

-GMO (and industrial) agriculture
-Monsanto (“and their pals” in the GMO industry)
-The current state of our universities (like Cornell)
-Academic freedom & scientific integrity
-Other similar topics including a new way forward“This is going to be a very unique project… I just believe has all gotten terribly out of hand and I’m worried that the students are being spoon-fed propaganda on a daily basis right here on campus,” he says in the video.

“I believe this GMO agriculture debate deserves a lot more nuance and a lot more attention and care than (Cornell and Gates have been) offering.”


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