2 Best Surgery Options For Fat Removing

2 Best Surgery Options For Fat Removing

Burning fat, freezing fat or removing fat, are all options for fat reduction in the cosmetic industry. Sometimes you should choose which procedure will best for you, but that depends on a few factors. Maybe the most important one is your expectations.

Decision-making process

During a consultation with your doctor, you will be asked what you will like to achieve, and depending on your desires, the doctor will explain if that is possible in your case, what kind of the procedure can achieve your goals, how that procedure will look like, what you can expect after the procedure, and how the recovery process looks like.

For example, if you have small fat deposits, which are very stubborn to remove, you can consider some of the non-invasive procedures that use ultrasound and laser technology. These procedures are very effective, but you will have to be patient as the results need some time to appear, and you will most probably need a few sessions.

People who have mediocre amounts of fat tissue, and who will like to achieve results fast, should consider surgical procedures. These procedures are created to remove fat tissue with only one treatment, and after the recovery process ends, you will get amazing results.

Tummy tuck procedure

If you want to treat your stomach, to make it flat and tight, this procedure is for you. The tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will remove your fat tissue, tighten abdominal muscles, cut excess skin, so with this treatment, multiple issues will be fixed.

A tummy tuck procedure will correct your stomach

Depending on your situation, you can undergo complete abdominoplasty, partial or mini-abdominoplasty. During a complete abdominoplasty, the surgeon will make a large cut on your lower abdomen, he will correct the muscles and skin, and your belly button will be repositioned.

People who have excess fat tissue on their lower part of the stomach are suitable for mini-abdominoplasty. This procedure will remove your fat tissue, and excess skin, while your belly button will stay in place.


Liposuction is often part of the tummy tuck procedure, but this technique can be applied to many different body parts. Those are the lower back, upper arms, fat under the chin, thighs, buttocks, and as we already said stomach. Liposuction is also part of the gynecomastia procedure, where the surgeon is downsizing male breasts.

Liposuction results are very expressive

The liposuction Templestowe by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is done under the general anesthesia, where the doctor will use a thin cannula that will suck excess fat through small incisions. Recovery can last for several weeks, and you will experience swelling and bruising, but after this procedure, your critical areas will be drastically improved.

Final word

First think about what you will like to achieve, and then take the first steps. Consulting with a professional is the most important part. After this conversation, you will know if you are ready for surgical procedure and everything that goes with it.