3 Possible Mistakes in Volume Lash Application

3 Possible Mistakes in Volume Lash Application

When you approach an expert in eyelash extensions, they may offer you options including volume lashes.

Volume lashes are lush and luxurious and give a fuller look and darker lash line. The technician should have extremely perfect volume techniques to apply volume lashes, so as to give you the desired results.

Haphazardly created volume fans or incorrectly installed extensions can fall out soon and cause you an uneven and unflattering look.

No doubt you can get refund for your money, but your experience is spoiled and you may be deterred altogether from applying eyelash extensions again.

Hence you should make sure, you approach an extremely professional technician like the one at Fancy Lash to get your volume lashes applied perfectly.

Here are issues you can come across while getting volume lashes applied.

1. Overloaded or Sloppy Fans

When lashes go in different directions, are crisscrossed or aren’t symmetrical, the result is more gangling than gorgeous.

Twisting and turning lashes can even cause you unnecessary pain and soreness.

Also when too heavy lash extensions are used, you get a droopy lash line. You feel your eye weighing down and it creates an unnatural look.

This can happen when the artist rush while creating handmade fans, doesn’t take care during application or doesn’t have knowledge of how to create volume fans correctly.

The artist should have knowledge of how to pick up their fans. She should pull lashes up and towards her, instead of to the side or backward.

She should not rush through the process but slow down while making fans to ascertain their symmetry.

She should also avoid crowded lash lines, check the diameters of the lash fans and make sure what the natural lash can handle before applying.

2. Poor Placement

Poor lash placement is a horrible error a lash technician can make and it results in shedding of the lashes as soon as you leave the salon.

This is quite frustrating if you have got the lashes applied for a big event which you wish to attend immediately after your appointment.

Correct placement is key to beautiful volume lashes. Here the artist should have a great practice of applying volume lashes. Inquire beforehand about how experienced the artist is.

For example, volume eyelash extensions at Fancy Lashis the safest option because they have years of experience and practice of applying volume lashes.

Also, they are properly qualified for volume lash application. Volume lashes are to be applied close to the lash line and their bases are to be checked to ensure they are level with the natural lashes.

3. Poor Adhesive Control

Lash adhesive plays an important role in the attaining the desired beauty with the volume lashes. Too much adhesive has the risk of a negative eye reaction if the adhesive touches the skin.

It also forms boxy bases that harm the natural lash, causing poor retention and sloppy or bulky lash line.

Here the artist should have proper knowledge of how much adhesive she should apply to achieve the desired results.

Make sure your lash artist is well qualified, trained and experienced so that you can get the most ravishing look with your volume lashes.