‘All about Laser treatment for tattoo removal

‘All about Laser treatment for tattoo removal

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The pigment colors are broken with a high-intensity light beam while tattooing is removed via laser. All laser wavelengths are absorbed by the black tattoo pigment. This makes it easier to treat. Based on the pigment color other colors are treated by selected laser.

You must consult a train professional once before going through the procedure. He/she will evaluate your tattoo and suggest you the process. Now, this depends on how many treatments you will need to remove the tattoo which depends on the age, size, and color(s) of your tattoo. Along with that, the color of your skin and how deep the tattoo pigment goes may affect the removal technique.

Thus, this is what you should expect during a laser tattoo removal procedure:

  • A pair of protective eye shields will be given to you.
  • Your skin’s reaction to the laser by the technician. To determine the most effective energy for treatment.
  • Through the top layers of your skin, the technician will use a laser to pass pulses of intense light. This gets absorbed by tattoo pigments. 

This procedure is in such a way that smaller tattoos require fewer pulses whereas the bigger one requires more. It would take more than one treatment to remove the tattoo completely. Once you are done with each visit, the tattoo will become progressively lighter

What Are the Benefits?

There are many advantages to laser tattoo removal, which involves the non-surgical nature of this treatment. 

Some of the advantages include:

No scarring – You get healthy skin cells as there is no adverse effect due to laser lights. This means that there are fewer chances of scars. 

Minimal recovery – You need to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation for some days once you receive the laser removal treatment. There may be a persistence of small amounts of redness and tenderness. But such effects must subside within a few days of treatment.

Removing specific or entire tattoos – Specific tattoos are removed by laser removal or an entire region of your body gets cleansed from tattoos.

Safety – One of the safest ways to remove tattoos is definitely laser removal tattoos. There is minimal risk of infection, few undesirable side effects occur after receiving treatment. Patients have a high comfort level during the treatment. 


Following risks are involved in the treatment:


-Poor wound healing

-Unfavorable scarring

-Skin discoloration might be permanent

-Suboptimal aesthetic result

-Further surgery might be a possibility

Such risks and others are already discussed before you go with procedures. Still, in case you have doubts, it is better to check with experts at Tattoo Removal Toronto.