Barbers vs. Hair Stylist: Which One to Choose?

Barbers vs. Hair Stylist: Which One to Choose?

Barbers or Hair Stylists… They’re the same right? They cut hair, they play with those sharp scissors and they’ve got the art to make people looking great with great style tricks. However, they’re not the same. Yes, that’s true – Barbers and Hair Stylists are not the same. Although it doesn’t matter for many people who simply need that normal looks, but for those who are concerned about their appearance, it matters a lot to know the difference between the barbers and hair stylists. Keeping the same in mind, we’re here with a detailed guide on the difference between barbers and hair stylists.

Training Differences

The difference between a barber and hairstylists starts right from the first step when they begin training in the industry. There are different types of trainings available for barbers and hair stylist for the perfect haircut River North.

Barbers: To become professional barbers, it’s necessary to undergo an intensive 10 to 12 months training program that is available with the certified beauty or barber schools. In most states, barbers also have to take a written exam followed by a practical demonstration. For a barber, many states apply the rule to apply for a license with the state barbering board, which is renewed on a regular basis.

Hair Stylists: Similar to the barbers, the hair stylists also have to undergo a rigorous training program that may take over a year. Similarly, they also have to undergo the process of a written exam followed by practical demonstration. It is mandatory for the hair stylists to apply for a license. The prime focus of the hair stylists remains on crafting new looks for their client’s hair.

Different Services for Different Needs

When it comes to finding the right fit for your grooming needs, things can turn quite tricky. Some men have been going to barbers all their lives, while some only went to the hair stylists, without even knowing the difference. There are differences in the services offered by barbers and hair stylists. Below we break down the differences:


  • Specialists in shorter hair styles like military cut, buzz cut, flattop, etc.
  • Barbershops charge less money for their services in comparison to the hair stylists or salons.
  • Barbers are specialists at hot lather face wash.

Hair Stylist

  • A hair stylist is a professional, specializing in maintaining hair styles of the people.
  • They can also offer some suggestions on how to maintain the hair style.
  • Hair stylists work with all lengths and styles of hair.
  • Hair stylists can work with both scissor based cuts and clipper cuts

Final Words

All in all, it is important to remember that most hair stylists and barbers these days are highly trained, professional, and well-equipped to handle any type of men’s haircut and hairstyle needs. You just need to pick the best place for haircut River North to get the desired results of your investments in haircut or styling. Choose the right police where you can find someone who can understand your expectations and do the job with perfection.