Can You Pay for Substance Addiction Treatment with Insurance?

Can You Pay for Substance Addiction Treatment with Insurance?

Health insurance or Medicare pays for substance addiction treatment if a medical practitioner thinks it’s medically essential.

The insurance coverage for drug abuse is extensive because it comprises a screening program and most medicines. It includes outpatient and inpatient treatment, too.

Insurance Coverage for Drug Addiction Treatment

If you hold a health insurance policy, you can pay for loads of therapy options for drug addiction obtainable at present. Every part of health insurance or medicare offers some coverage for drug addiction problems.

Part A: In case anyone suffering from drug abuse disorder requires inpatient treatment in a psychiatric or general clinic, then Part A will pay for the care.

Part B: Part B will pay for the outpatient mental health services, as well as alcohol abuse screenings.

Part C: It pays for anything already incorporated under parts A and B of medicare. It even pays for extras such as treatment drug coverage.

Part D: This part pays for the prescription drugs required during the treatment for substance abuse.

Medigap: It pays for certain expenditures associated with your original insurance policy like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.

What Is Not Covered In the Medicare?

As medicare is very extensive, it doesn’t pay for every service. Support groups for substance abuse disorder, transfer to mental health care services as well as private duty nursing isn’t covered under medicare.

What All Is Included In the Part A Out-Of-Pocket Costs?

Here is all that is included in the Part A out-of-pocket costs:

1. 1408 Dollars deductible for every benefit period.

2. 352 Dollars hospitalization coinsurance for 61 to 90 days.

3. 20 percent coinsurance for mental health services attained in a medical facility.

4. 0 percent hospitalization coinsurance for the initial 60 days of every benefit period.

When does a benefit period commence? A benefit period begins the day an individual comes into the facility and finishes the day as soon as somebody has been home from the facility for 60 repeated days.

What All Is Included In the Part B Out-Of-Pocket Costs?

1. 20 percent coinsurance

2. 144.60 Dollars per month premium

3. 198 Dollars yearly deductible

If anyone is registered in the fractional hospitalization program, they might need to pay an extra coinsurance to the facility.


Do you want to know how you can finally overcome your substance abuse? Look for the professional help from doctors or behavioral therapists. Do check whether your medicare covers substance abuse disorder or not.