Cetilistat Powder- More Tolerant And Effective

Cetilistat Powder- More Tolerant And Effective

The growing upheaval of obesity worldwide has opened new doors of research and development of new drugs to treat obesity. Innovative therapeutic strategies are adopted to counter this disease of overweight. Cetilistat powder is a Lipase inhibitor, very similar to Orlistat, which was approved by the regulatory body in 1997. Phase II and III trials show that drugs reduce obesity significantly without side effects. Administration of 80mg and 120mg of this drug over 12 weeks on 612 clinically diabetic obese patients gives a satisfactory result. Cetilistat has better tolerance and benefits over prevailing anti-obesity drugs

Unexplored market

Marketing of anti-obesity drugs is somewhat stained, s many products were withdrawn, citing side effects. The market for anti-obesity medicines is extensive and massive, but much remains unexplored. Every pharmaceutical company is working hard to develop a safe, effective drug to fight obesity. According to a statistic published WHO, 400 million people are clinically obese, and 1.6 million people are overweight. Only 6% of these people take pharmaceutical products to reduce body weight since an effective and safe product is not available. Only two drugs, Orlistat and Orlistatine, are approved for long-term treatment of obesity. But there are side effects if you consume it over a long period, which reduces these drugs’ comprehensive clinical efficacy. 

To control obesity needs persistence, patience, and long term medication; Cetilistat has better tolerance and benefits over prevailing anti-obesity drugs. FDA has permitted Alizyme to file for a separate IND to use this drug for treating diabetes. 



Many factors cause obesity; it may be behavioral, genetic, metabolic, or hormonal. But the main reason is excess calories with meals, which are not burning through metabolism. The extra, unutilized calories turn into fat. Fast food and high-calorie beverages supply more calories than necessary. Obese people feel hungrier; in taking more calories, anxiety and stress are some of the reasons for such behavior. Inheritance factor; the genes are on the basis of excess fat in your body. Genetics plays a prime role in the metabolism of your body.


 The genes, food habits, and exercise regime on the family influence your lifestyle and food habits. Fast foods, beverages, insufficient intake of fruits, and vegetables can lead to obesity. Carbonated soft drinks, alcohol are rich with calories; you take them without noticing the calories while drinking. These liquid calories are silent killers. If your lifestyle does not involve much physical movement and exercise, then those calories turn into fat quicker. The number of hours you sit at the desk in front of the computer is closely associated with obesity. 


Obesity has no age barrier; it can happen to children. As your hair grows grey, less physical movement and hormonal changes make you more prone to obesity. The muscle loses strength with age; as the muscle mass decrease, it inhibits metabolism. These factors lead to fewer requirements for calories, and fat accumulation starts. Growing habits of well balanced, controlled diet, light exercises like brisk walking and yoga can keep obesity at bay.