Combining Drugs and Alcohol: Is it Dangerous?

Combining Drugs and Alcohol: Is it Dangerous?

Addiction to alcohol can increase the chances of developing co-occurring conditions like substance use disorder or SUD. Mixing different drinks with illegal drugs can lead to serious health, behavioral, and physical complications. Not only can drugs and alcohol consumption increase the effects of these substances, but it can also trigger severe or deadly interactions. 

People who abuse these things are also more likely to use and abuse other substances like illicit or prescription drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine. Taking drugs and drinking alcohol can quickly go out of control, leaving individuals at risk for potential permanent health problems. Issues surrounding substance and alcohol misuse need not be self-treated. 

Specialized treatment facilities will be able to help individuals through every step of the treatment process, providing people the greatest chance for their lasting recovery. Recovering individuals need to contact treatment centers to find reputable rehabilitation facilities near them and get started on their journey to recovery. For more information about these topics, check out the website location of abuse facilities or centers for details.

Substance abuse

This thing involves the chronic use of drugs and alcohol. An individual who abuses alcoholic drinks have a higher chance of using at least one other substance like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Prolonged use of these things increases people’s tolerance, which is why requiring more of these substances to achieve the same needed effects. 

Misuse of these things can start as a minor issue and gradually turns into severe, even deadly matters. For instance, an individual may mix drugs with the alcohol they were drinking. Over time, they will be dependent on the chemicals being released from the substance they were consuming and start craving more. 

After the person has built a tolerance to these substances, they may increase the amount they were consuming to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. In these instances, some people may turn to addictive substances like ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, to experience their needed fix and high. 

Recognizing and understanding warning signs of this abuse is key to getting the necessary help early. If left unattended and untreated over time, issues with these substances can escalate and become pretty dangerous and life-threatening.

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Recognizing a substance abuse problem

While some symptoms of these issues are noticeable and can be treated early on, other symptoms may not be as recognizable. Signs usually go unnoticed when a person hides their drinking or substance problem. Because of the stigma it brings, as well as the negative connotations connected with this problem, a lot of individuals may deny they have problems at all. In these cases, it can be pretty hard for family members and close friends to prepare the needed intervention and get the patient the help they deserve.

Listed below are some questions people need to identify whether they or their loved ones may be suffering from these problems:

Have they felt irritated by concerns or criticisms of their substance use by individuals around them, like friends, colleagues, teachers, or family members?

Have they ever thought of minimizing their intake?

Have they felt guilt over their consumption?

Do users find themselves craving a little drink and other substances regularly throughout the day?

During the past year, have they failed to meet obligations because of alcoholism and substance abuse?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, people need to look for help from experts or medical professionals. Answers to these questions need not be considered an actual or official diagnosis, but they can warn potential patients of possible misuse and motivate them to seek help.


The use of these substances increases the chances of unsafe sex like STD or sexually transmitted diseases, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, as well as unwanted pregnancies. More or less, 30% of people with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus are in need of drug and alcohol treatment. 

Of the 2 million drug-related erectile dysfunction visits in 2009 alone, more or less 15% involved alcohol combined with illegal drugs. A lot of people struggling with alcohol abuse will meet the criteria for illegal drug use disorder sooner or later.

Treating this problem

Drugs and alcoholism can destroy people’s relationships with friends, family members, and co-workers, their careers, as well as their overall health. These things are treatable conditions that can be controlled and overcome with the help of facilities and professionals. The bad news is, these problems are usually under-treated because of the lack of knowledge about recovery and treatment programs available today.

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