Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Camden, New Jersey Residents

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Camden, New Jersey Residents

Camden, New Jersey, was an economic stronghold in the early twentieth century. Today Camden’s diverse cultures and economic differences throughout the town mean much a different reality. Sadly, in the past few years, Camden has been afflicted with a lot of crime and drug abuse.

The heroin seizure continues to affect the nation, which is seriously affecting communities throughout New Jersey. Fortunately, United Recovery Project serves Camden residents who are looking for well-known and solution-oriented treatment programs.

Our rehabilitation programs at United Recovery Project help both men and women overcome the crisis of substance abuse that people throughout the Camden region have been facing. Looking at the statistics, the situation shows a dreadful reality.

Some 2,981 inhabitants of Camden in 2016 were treated with heroin dependence while 627 inhabitants of Camden were treated for other opioids.

Heroin and other narcotics represented around 58% of the general number of patients confessed to medicate recuperation offices in Camden in 2016.

Hazardous trafficking rings have targeted police officers in Camden County in recent years as a part of the drug addiction crisis. Law enforcement officers have their hands full of drug traffickers operating in the city. In the opposite side of the equation, drug abusers in Camden are in desperate need of help.

This is where we’re moving in. If you or a loved one are looking for formal drug care, you’ve come to the right spot. United Recovery Project has helped the people of Camden County to get healthier and restore their lives.

Garden State Treatment Center is JCAHO Accredited

As far as the United Recovery Project addiction rehab centers are concerned, getting JCAHO accreditation is a big deal. This means that as a testament to our excellent level of patient care, we have met and surpassed the stringent criteria established by the Joint Commission. Being qualified to receive JCAHO accreditation is evidence that we are among the leaders in the drug abuse field.

Addiction Treatment for Camden Residents

Endeavoring to bounce back from wretchedness all alone without wellbeing treatment or help is certainly not a decent choice. The bare minimum prescribed is twelve-step sessions, and people with chronic and intense substance habits should seek support from the Partial Treatment Service.

United Recovery Project is delivering a comprehensive, non-residential drug treatment service with day and night therapy. The mixture of group and therapeutic counseling is customized to suit the needs of each patient with a unique recovery plan.

If you live in the Camden area and have trouble locating a successful drug recovery facility, all hope is not lost. Get to know our recovery providers and we’ll help you get the help you need.

Addiction Treatment for Camden County Residents

Our goal is to ensure that you have the ability to heal your mind, body and soul peacefully in a healthy atmosphere that will improve your healing. If others have given up on you, our promise is that we will never do so. Start your healing process today with our rehab facility in Camden, New Jersey.