Endoscopic Dilation of Strictures and Achalasia

Endoscopic Dilation of Strictures and Achalasia

The process of endoscopic dilation of strictures and achalasia includes endoscopic treatment; in the treatment, the doctors will pass the endoscope through your food pipe to investigate if there are any criticisms, with the dilating device, the doctor will stretch the narrow part a bit to have a clear look at the complaints if any are present.

The strictures can be caused by Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or Eosinophilic Oesophagitis. The former can cause you heartburn frequently and make your stomach flow upwards, and you can feel a sore throat if you are suffering from it. The latter can cause inflammation in your food pipe, and the food will move down slowly in your food if you have this problem.

Both the disease can lead you towards endoscopic dilation of strictures and achalasia because they can cause severe discomfort. For the patients who have Achalasia- feeling pain in swallowing food, frequent coughing and choking while eating. However, it is rare in the majority of cases. But if it is so, it can be cured with dilation.

About Endoscopic Dilation

Endoscopic dilation is a procedure used by numerous doctors to stretch or widen the oesophagus. When your food pipe is narrowed down, with the help of some instruments, doctors widen your food pipe so that you do not face problems while eating or swallowing food.

Doctors use numerous techniques to do this procedure with care. And also, he will inform you before the test. So you can get ready for it and also take the prescribed medicines before it. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that you need to tell your doctor if you are facing any allergies.

The doctors of Digestive Health UK: gastroenterology Clinic will help you out with the same if you face a problem. Their experience and way of treating their patients with care is highly recommended.

This video explains in detail.

Author: Dr. Sarmed Sami MBChB, MRCP, PGCME, PhD
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Founder and Director of Digestive Health UK.

Oesophageal Dilation Recovery

After you have done oesophagal dilation, you may feel a sore throat afterwards, which is entirely normal for 24 hours, and quickly go away after that. And when you are medicated with an injection, you may feel slight irritation for several weeks after that.

When you do oesophagal dilation, you will consult a nurse, who will review all your previous medication history and also provide you with a list of medicines you will take after dilation. And along with multiple other procedures will follow.

But complications are rare; it does not occur in the majority of the cases. So, if you are with the dilation process, you do not need to worry about the complications afterwards, as scarce and very rare.

And at last, if at all, you are facing problems while swallowing, chest or abdominal pains, after the test, seek medical treatment immediately. People who reside in the UK can visit the gastroenterology clinic for their Endoscopic Dilation of Stricture Of Achalasia. Be aware of what you eat while you are on medication for the same.