Expectation you should have from your first appointment with the physical therapist

Expectation you should have from your first appointment with the physical therapist

We all have once suffered from an injury or having illness, which results in pain or functional immobility. The skilled physical therapists can find out the real problem and focus on the right treatments. A first session also known as initial evaluation includes the therapist spending time with the patients. They will try to figure out about the health condition, previous treatment, and how the condition is affecting you.

Searching for physical therapists

Looking for a physical therapist requires you to do proper research. You can take references from families, friends or search on the internet. While meeting the therapist, you shouldn’t be afraid of asking the method to be followed. It includes medicines, allergies, and many other things. Never feel shy to ask about the overall cost of treatment.

Getting prepared for an appointment

At the time of physical therapy appointment, write down the important things that you don’t forget. You should prepare the answers for –

  • The beginning of problem
  • Occurrence of symptoms
  • How the condition is getting worse or better?
  • The change in medical condition.

Your physical therapist will ask questions related to your pain or injury.

Deciding the treatment plan

The therapist always has a clear idea about the treatment plan need to be followed for improving your pain and mobility. Discuss the goals, course of rehab, and treatment with the therapist. With the initial evaluation, they will start the physical therapy for pain. Possibly, they will use different modalities such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound for managing the pain. You will also get a list of exercises that can easily be done at home.

Moreover, they will tell you about the frequency of visits you have to do. There are many rehab programs where you have to visit twice or thrice depending on variable factors.

The conclusion

The relationship between the physical therapists and the customer is very important for making the condition better. By working together towards the goal, it is possible to increase mobility and reduce pain.