How To Prevent And Treat Knee Injuries?

How To Prevent And Treat Knee Injuries?



The knee is a complex structure and is one of the most worn-out joints in the body. The knee is the most vulnerable spot in athletes. Over a million knee injuries occur annually in adolescents involved in sports. Although it is impossible to 100% protect against knee injuries, studying its anatomy can help prevent possible complications from this problem.

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Knee structure

The knee is the most challenging joint in the human body. This is the hinge that is responsible for weight transfer and movement. It is composed of bones, meniscus, tendons, and ligaments.

The knee is designed to perform several functions:

    • Keeps the body upright without the need for unnecessary muscle work
    • Helps to lower and raise the body
    • Controls the stability of the body in space
    • Performs the function of the shock absorber
    • Allows you to twist your leg
    • Makes walking more efficient
    • Helps the body move forward

Common injuries

Most often, knees can be injured when you play sports or fall. The most common symptoms of a knee injury are pain and swelling, and difficulty walking.

Stretches and deformations

Due to the complex anatomical structure, the knee is easily damaged.

Sprains are the most common problem, especially in football and basketball, where the leg can suddenly twist at the knee, change direction quickly, or land poorly after a jump.

In case of injury, crackling or clicking is often heard, then the knee swells, pain appears when walking.


A meniscus tear, as a rule, occurs during sports – at the time of bending or turning the knee.

Meniscus wear is also possible with age, and as a result, it can tear during normal daily activities. Symptoms are usually pain, stiffness, swelling, and decreased range of motion.


The leading cause of fractures is injuries such as falls, road accidents. Most often, in such a situation, a fracture of the kneecap occurs.


Treatment and rehabilitation

If you have a knee injury, you should see a physiotherapy London immediately. The main treatments for common knee injuries include rest, cooling, and pain relief.

Also, it is necessary after 24-48 hours to start doing strengthening and stretching exercises after minor injuries or as recommended by a doctor. It is essential to return to normal activities gradually. In some cases, such as rupture, surgery is necessary to repair the damage.

To properly recover from a knee injury, you will need rest and rest. The diseased leg cannot be loaded with any weights. In some cases, crutches may be recommended to prevent additional injury.

To help repair the damaged knee, your physiotherapy London may prescribe physical therapy. It is essential to supplement the treatment with home exercises. Without adequate rehabilitation, a person usually has problems with a damaged knee in the future. Treatment must be practical and restore stability, strength, and mobility to the joint.