In Vitro Fertilization With Microinjection- ICSI Treatment Procedure

In Vitro Fertilization With Microinjection- ICSI Treatment Procedure

ICSI treatment procedure-

The newer technique (1992) than conventional In vitro fertilization treatments (1978), in vitro fertilization with micro-injection, is much more invasive because it is the biologist who chooses the sperm before micro-injecting it, in a “abnormal” distance for the oocyte.

You will find 3 access points using this technique:

1-Failure of conventional In vitro fertilization treatments

2-Deficient sperm or in the testicular puncture

3-In Vitro maturation of oocytes.

ICSI Treatment-

For the couple, there’s no improvement in treatment between conventional in vitro fertilization (In vitro fertilization treatments) plus vitro fertilization with microinjection (ICSI). The main difference lies only within the technique the biologist uses:

In conventional In vitro fertilization treatments, the biologist puts the sperm within the spouse in touch, once you have uncovered individuals to some “selection-concentration” test to extract possibly the best sperms for fertilization in sufficient figures. Fertilization then happens naturally within the culture medium whose composition is close to the natural atmosphere.

The word “ICSI” helpful for in vitro fertilization with micro-injection confirms the biologist will choose a spermatozoon and inject it towards the cytoplasm within the oocyte within the well-determined spot to induce the fertilization process.

There’s two variants of ICSI treatment solution which are utilized with a few laboratories:

The IMSI (or MSOME) which consists in identifying the morphological anomalies in the high magnified sperm before micro-injecting it towards the oocyte.

PICSI which consists when selecting sperm employing their capacity to repair on macromolecules whose model is symbolized by hyaluronic acidity (HA).

This method, that was described noisy . 2000s, hasn’t yet found systematic application today infertility centers.

ICSI Treatment Procedure: ICSI procedure step-by-step-

The ICSI procedure step-by-step is often as follows-

1- The Medical decision along with the pre-In vitro fertilization treatments Assessment

Cautious enter an in vitro fertilization protocol with micro-injection is taken using the physician carrying out a necessary clinical and biological investigations within the spouse.

A particular amount of medical analyses are important to set up the pre- In vitro fertilization treatments: (spermogram, TMS, hormonal dosage, serological tests (hepatitis B, C, Aids ……), etc.

Inside a consultation or even a company meeting, the pair could possibly get very precise info on the kind of technique likely to end up used, its advantages, disadvantages that is limits.

They’ll inform on paper, about cautious type in vitro fertilization protocol otherwise, as time passes of reflection.

2- Ovulation monitoring

Allowing the ovaries to create several oocytes, we use (generally) some three kinds of drugs that will enable superovulation,

It is among the most broadly used treatments whenever feasible, referred to as “short antagonist protocol ” which last about 15 days.

During this protocol, one generally uses:

An exciting-natural or recombinant FSH to stimulate the ovary

A GnRH antagonist to place the ovary “resting” and block natural manner of ovulation,

An exciting-natural or recombinant HCG or even an agonist to artificially trigger ovulation inside the perfect time.

Sometimes, it might be necessary to train on a “extended protocol” through getting an agonist who’ll last four days (or higher).

Furthermore, there are more protocols where the preparatory phase for ovarian stimulation might be various and virtually extended.