Natural skincare products – are they legit?

Natural skincare products – are they legit?

Your skin will absorb what you apply on it. That is why you should be extra careful about what you put on the skin. Toxic chemicals can give short term benefits, but in the long run, they end up ruining your skin. Due to the dangers present in conventional skincare products, many are choosing the natural type that gives no side-effects. Highly rated brands like cosmedix and others are known for their natural ingredients.

This article will help you to see the difference between organic and conventional beauty products and the reasons to choose such type of products.

Natural Vs conventional beauty products

Conventional cosmetic formulas contain chemical and synthetic ingredients that are produced in a lab. On the other hand, natural beauty products employ naturally occurring ingredients found in plants. They are superior to the conventional type in 2 ways:

  1. No controversial ingredients

The first rule for any natural skin care product is that they are certified free of GMOs, phthalates, PEGs, and mineral oils. Other synthetic chemical components like fragrances, petrochemical, and synthetic colourants should not be present.

  1. Clean formulas

Any natural skin care products should be made from natural raw materials using organic farming. Here plant oils are used in the formulation rather than mineral oils. Moreover, 100% natural fragrances and colourants are utilized in the products.

Reasons to choose natural skincare products

Most skincare companies prefer chemical additives to gain easy profit. But they end up harmful to the skin. Here is a list of reasons why you should choose natural skincare products for beauty without risks.

  1. Active ingredients

These products contain about 80-90% of the active ingredients needed for the product to be effective. They can also readily nourish the skin when compared to synthetic products.

  1. Hypo-allergenic

People with sensitive skin may find it difficult to find the perfect product in conventional skincare lines. This is because they are sensitive to the chemicals present in the products. On the other hand, natural ingredients tend to be soft and non-allergic on the skin.

There is a possibility to be allergic to some natural ingredients, and in such cases, it is easy to avoid them by understanding the ingredients list on the package.

  1. Your health is worth

Some chemical found in your skincare products can be absorbed by the skin and enters your bloodstream. In the case of artificial ingredients, they can cause health issues like hormones, disruption, skin allergy, and some types of cancer.

  1. Traditional wisdom

 Our ancestors used natural ingredients for their health and beauty. And till today traditional handmade remedies have their value because it is a natural way of life and doesn’t give any side effects.

The bottom line

Using natural ingredients for beauty purposes is not something new. But in recent years, companies started making synthetic ingredients to give fast results. This results in a wide range of side effects and even in long-term damage to the skin. Considering all of this, many people have switched to natural skin care products to protect their skin.

Some really good brands offer natural products that give wonderful results. Some companies like cosmedix and others have been in the market for a long time, with a purpose to produce only genuine products. Are you looking for Cosmedix skincare products? Find the full range online at The Skin Care Clinic.

Enhance your natural beauty with natural skincare products.