New Ways to Treat Drug Addiction

New Ways to Treat Drug Addiction

Addiction occurs because of biological changes in the brain and the body. It is not based on a weakness that the individual has. The controlled substances cause changes in the brain that require more of the drug of choice. Withdrawal symptoms can often cause the individual to go back to using. Understanding a new treatment for drug addiction places more patients on the right path.

What Happens at More Traditional Rehabs?

More traditional rehabs are based on Christian principles and require the individual to surrender to a higher power. Ultimately, the patient is guilted and shamed for their addiction even though the addiction is caused by changes in the brain. The individual feels pressure to please God and often relapses because of the additional pressure. As studies have shown, this is not the most effective way to treat addiction, and it often causes patients to go right back to their addiction and cause further damage to their bodies and their lives.

What is Science-Based Treatment?

Science-based treatment is based on the biological changes that happen in the body because of the addiction. This starts with changes in the neuropathways that fuel the addiction. The understanding that these changes could become permanent helps the rehab doctors find better ways to create new neuropathways to stop the addiction and eliminate the need to use.

The patients start healthier exercise and diet plans to heal the body and find natural ways to increase their dopamine and serotonin levels. This creates more neuropathways and heals the brain. Without a more biological approach to treatment, the patients will continue to suffer and feel the need to use.

What is Their Purpose?

The more modern way of treating addiction helps the individual find their purpose in life instead of trying to go backward to a life that didn’t make them happy. Typically, addiction becomes a coping mechanism for unhappiness, and change is the only way to create a more fulfilling life. The individual starts by reviewing their career path and determining if they are in the right field. As they make these decisions, the counselor’s help the patients start on a journey to find their purpose and discover what they need to become happy in their lives. To review a science-based treatment program, individuals can visit ARC’s LinkedIn page now.

Rebuilding Their Lives

As the patients continue in the treatment, they start another path and find fulfillment in their lives. They understand how to make amends with those that they hurt, but the the individuals also discover who they want in their lives. These changes are positive and help the individual find who they are in the process. If they were not happy with anyone in their lives, they aren’t guilted into keeping these individuals in their lives.

Treatment is necessary to rebuild the life and give the addict a second chance. Biological changes must be considered when treating the conditions. If it isn’t, the patient is more likely to relapse. Patients can learn more about a more modern approach to addiction treatment by contacting a rehab now.