Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment: How Does It Really Work?

Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment: How Does It Really Work?

Let’s face it: a double chin is not our most attractive feature. In many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, non-invasive double chin removal treatment is a popular request. A defined jawline is an extremely desirable trait that many people in Singapore like.

What is the Cause of a Double Chin?

A double chin is often inevitable, particularly if you were born with it or if it goes in the family. To comprehend how or why something occurs, read until the end for a more complete discussion of each variable.


As we grow old, the skin behind the chin and around the neck decreases collagen production, causing it to droop and create a lot of wrinkles (the skin looks like it’s drooping). A pinch test is a good assessment of the skin’s suppleness on the back of the chin. If you can squeeze a lot of skin underneath the chin, this signifies that the skin has decreased collagen fibers and flexibility. To remedy all of these folds of skin, skin tightening using specific double chin treatment techniques like Agnes, Profhilo, or BTX treatments would be required.


Some people are genetically inclined to have extra submental fat (area below the chin). Even though the whole body looks slender, heredity may cause the face to appear round. Just a few of us are biologically predisposed to store more adipose tissues in the thighs; some have more in the torso.


Poor posture might emphasize your double chin. When you flex the neck (allow the chin to go inwards towards your throat), the skin and extra fat will frequently fold further. This is often related to bad posture of the upper back. (Allowing the shoulders to fall downward and forward) Posture issues are extremely easy to address.

Keep in mind to flex the upper back and put your shoulder blades next to each other. Tilt your chin up and move it forward slightly. This allows your neck muscles to develop correctly. This kind of posture also assists you in breathing and feeling healthier.

Extra Fat

When we acquire weight, the fat layer beneath or submental region or below the chin expands and thickens. The contour of the jaw is blunted, making the edges between the mandible and the neck ambiguous. Vice versa, it can also happen. When we experience weight loss, the neck, face, and region below the chin atrophy. That is why we suggest that our clients with a higher Body Mass Index reduce weight in addition to their double chin process.

Weight increase is another normal root of a double chin, especially in adults. Even at an earlier age, weight loss at the back of the double chin might be challenging. Droopy skin may occur when a person loses weight greatly in a short period of time. Aesthetic clinics often give neck skin elevating procedures such as thread lifts, BTX, and a facelift in combination with fat reduction or fat melting treatments.

How Can Diet And Chin Exercises Be Used To Reduce Double Chin?

Exercise and a low-calorie diet can assist you in losing weight and fat. Of course, it will also assist you in achieving a higher level of health. As we lose weight, we shed fat in the double chin region, which reduces its appearance. Contrary to popular perception, chewing gum, chin, or jaw workouts may not increase jaw definition.

The trick is to get rid of the extra fat in that location. However, despite our best efforts with chin workouts and nutrition, we may continue to have a double chin due to a hereditary predisposition to have extra fat there. As a result, double chin removal therapies should be investigated.

Singapore Double Chin Removal Treatments


Tiny needles provide radiofrequency (RF) heat to the skin. This encourages the reformation and production of skin collagen. As a result, sagging, drooping skin tightens substantially. Neck wrinkles and double chins are also significantly reduced. RF may also be used to tighten sagging neck skin. Most patients found this operation tolerable with numbing cream.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU, is another frequent double chin removal method that uses ultrasound energy and is particularly popular in Singapore for those looking for a non-surgical option. The warmth of the fatty tissue cannot be raised enough by HIFU treatment to induce it to clot or “melt.” Temperatures ranging from 55 to 60 degrees Celsius are often reached, and collagen is stimulated at these degrees. Instead of fat decrease, the double chin is reduced as a result of fat contraction produced by collagen growth in the fat layer. Because the outcomes of this ultrasound energy-generating collagen treatment are modest with each session, many sessions are necessary to get the expected results.

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