Read This Before You Buy Big Bud Strain Seeds Online

Read This Before You Buy Big Bud Strain Seeds Online

Big Bud is a well-known Indica dominant hybrid that crosses two major cannabis world winners, Afghan and Skunk. As her name suggests, she produces the largest yields in history. The buds are thick, sticky, and almost difficult to sever by hand without leaving a sticky residue on your fingertips. Easy to grown and with a bonus of a fast growth rate, Big Bud Strains provide the best euphoric experience and is well-known for its medicinal values.

How To Grow Big Bud Strain Seeds?

Infamous for its high production rates, growing this strain is a task of patience and finesse, and if done right, you can indefinitely reap the benefits. The ideal method for indoor breeders is to mix the green (SOG) method with hydroponics. Here are the important steps you must follow.

  • Plants must only be left to veg for a couple of weeks before being flipped into flowering to produce a successful SOG. Commercial farmers usually take clones during this period to ensure crop rotation.
  • To foster apical dominance, remove the undergrowth and plant your plants close together. It aids in forming the perfect lush canopy of plants found in any good SOG setup.
  • For stamina, fitness, and harmony, eat well, and make sure the light is as even as possible. RH should be kept low, and temperatures should be kept about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on where you are, ventilation and a deodorizer are important.
  • Place this vibrant leaf in full sun with a soft, dry breeze outside. When growing this plant outside, be sure to remove any unwanted shading, fan leaves, or cross branching. This allows more light to penetrate the plant, resulting in a much fuller plant.
  • Feed this one well, just as you would inside, because the plant will need all the strength she can get to grow those huge buds. Though the plant’s genes make it strong and hardy, some assistance may be needed in the final weeks of flowering.


Here are a few benefits of growing Big Bud Strain Plants.

  • Marijuana is known for its medicinal benefits, and States that have the drug legalized reaps the benefits that marijuana poses. Legalized growing and breeding marijuana in legal states is the perfect idea for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Therefore finding the right strain and seeds is important.
  • Known for helping those suffering from depression, PTSD, and social anxiety disorders due to the uplifting euphoria and generally improved mood encountered after a few tokes of Big Bud. Big Bud’s relaxing and calming Indica side takes care of mild aches and pains, and those suffering from lack of appetite or insomnia will too find long-term comfort from its usage.

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