Waking Up With The Right Drink Is Easy

Waking Up With The Right Drink Is Easy

When someone needs a pick-me-up after waking up or anytime during a long day, coffee or soda isn’t the only choice. All-natural teas can be a great way to help get ready in the morning—without worrying about consuming all the artificial additives found in other drinks. Tea has many other benefits other than just providing caffeine. Herbalife Nutrition, a company with 40 years in the health and wellness industry, has two choices that could make life better tasting and more energetic.

N-R-G Tea

One option from Herbalife is their N-R-G Tea, which stands for Nature’s Raw Guarana. The primary ingredients are orange pekoe and guarana seed extract, but the tea also contains lemon peel for flavoring. Guarana is well-known for helping to keep energy levels high, and with 40 mg of caffeine, you’ll feel mentally alert after drinking this instant tea.

Herbal Tea Concentrate

Herbalife’s Herbal Tea Concentrate comes in many flavors, including natural chai spice, lemon peel, peach, natural and artificial cinnamon, or raspberry. The teas are naturally flavored and sweetened. This tea has a base of green tea and orange pekoe. Herbalife’s Herbal Tea Concentrate allows a person to have more variety to their daily drinks than coffee and with far less of the chemicals found in soda.

Simple Solutions

When someone wants to make better choices for their diet, it’s great to be able to understand what the ingredients are in the foods and drinks they buy. Then, they might start to realize that many of the foods they buy have unhealthy additives. Herbalife teas do not have that problem. They are made from a trusted network of generational farmers that have been producing top-quality ingredients for Herbalife for many decades.

The next time you need a pick-me-up in the morning, consider an all-natural tea from Herbalife. People know tea—they may not know all the available varieties, but they know how beneficial it is. Herbalife’s N-R-G Tea and Herbal Tea Concentrate can be a great option when waking up, and you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body.