What are the causes of mental illness?

What are the causes of mental illness?

Mental illness is one of the diseases common in society, however, the main cause of the illness is not known. Research states that the illness is caused by a combination of psychological, biological and physical and environmental factors. Integral Performance Physio clinic will help you become the best version of yourself. Get a general checkup for yourself and find out about the health of your body. Today we are looking at the causes of mental illness.

  • Biological factors.

Research states that mental illness is hereditary, this means if you have a person with the disorder, there is a likelihood in the future that you may have another one in your family lineage. The disorder is passed in a family through genes. However, the disorder will be triggered by some factors like traumatic events, stress, and abuse.

An accident can cause brain damage which can as well lead to a brain disorder. Road accidents or any accident that affect the brain may be the causing factor of brain damage.

Some disease too may cause brain disorder, for example, a disease on the spinal cord may affect the brain through the neuro networks. This can trigger a brain disorder.

Substance abuse too may lead to brain damage which leaves the victim with brain damage.

  • Physiological factors.

There are some events that can lead to a traumatic experience. An experience that affects you psychologically and leaves you in a weak state. For example, a child may have been involved in child abuse, sexual abuse. This will affect the psychological part of the child for a long time. Due to that fact, the child may grow brain damage that can last his life.

Other factors that can cause brain disorder are the early loss of parents and neglect at a young age.

  • Environmental factors.

These include the day to day activities around you, your family and society. There are events that may cause mental unrest, for instance when a family divorces when the children are young, the children may be left traumatized and may be left depressed. Other times there is a malfunction of the family too may lead to the children leaving home and get into heavy thoughts.

Substance and low esteem may as well lead to a brain disorder. Substance abuse is a source of concern in the modern world since most of the youth are getting into it and may end up with a brain disorder.