What Is Bat Guano Nutrients And Its Importance In Growing Cannabis?

What Is Bat Guano Nutrients And Its Importance In Growing Cannabis?

The relationship between using bat guano nutrients and farming dates back to the 19th century. During this time, using bat guano for farming was introduced, and it was done in areas where the humidity was very low. Due to its high nutrients, farmers started using bat guano nutrients in the cultivation of weed, and other agricultural produces. This article will explain what bat guano nutrients are and how it is used in growing weed. 

1- What are bat guano nutrients?

The guano is produced by bats, seabirds, and seals feces in the low-humidity region of the Pacific coast of the South American continent. Once people understood its importance, many trades were conducted in Peru’s guano island, famous for the natural production of bat guano nutrients. The USA and Spain also fought a war between 1842 to 1879 for conquering Peru’s guano island. 

The three main nutrients required by cannabis for blossoming are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are abundantly found in the guano. Nitrogen is absorbed by the plant during its vegetative state and helps the plants grow vigorously. Phosphorus ensures that the roots are strong and ensures that the leaves and flowers are healthy and not affected by any internal factors. The abundant use of potassium makes sure that the branches and the trunks are strong and healthy. Guano has the essential nutrients and has many other nutrients that ensure that the plants remain healthy and strong. 

2- How are bat guano nutrients helpful in the cultivation of marijuana?

Due to its higher concentration of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, bat guano nutrients are a favorite of avid cannabis growers. Consumers have also reported that with bat guano nutrients, the aroma, fragrance, and taste of the weed are also not compromised. Bat guano nutrients are also used indoors and outdoors for the cultivation of cannabis. 

The main reason that the bat guano is preferred is that it increases the soil texture and increases the land’s fertility. If the land is smooth, the bat guano nutrients ensure that the nutrients will bind the soil and increase fertility. Similarly, if the soil is too thick, then the use of bat guano will ensure that the soil is made loose so the water can easily flow between the soil. The plants’ roots are safe, and the toxic items are removed from the soil immediately. 

The pH of the root and the soil is also adjusted once the bat guano is added to the soil. The bat guano nutrients are not released at a time but are released in regular intervals, making the soil more fertile and not burdening the soil with excess nutrients. The guano also helps keep the plants safe from any fungal infection and some kinds of other insects and pests. For full effect, the bat guano nutrients must be sprayed on the plant very carefully. 

In conclusion

The bat guano nutrients are rich in essential nutrients and other micronutrients, making it the ideal choice for marijuana growers and other plant growers. You can buy them at Homegrown Cannabis Co.