What To Expect When Getting Botox Procedures

What To Expect When Getting Botox Procedures

Botox procedures are not something new. In fact, this practice has been around for more than 20 years. In 2002, the use of Botox procedures as a temporary cosmetic treatment to reduce wrinkles or frown lines was approved by the FDA. As with most other cosmetic treatments, procedures continue to improve with time and experience. This should give anyone considering such a procedure a higher level of comfort.

So, you are probably wondering, how do Botox procedures work and what can you expect? The good news is the procedure is fairly simple and relatively painless. Commonly, Botox is injected into areas of the face where you want to minimize wrinkles by a qualified doctor of dermatology right at the doctor’s office. The procedure itself only takes a few minutes and does not require the use of anesthesia. Also, the recovery time is quick little to no noticeable side effects. The most common side effect is minor bruising around the injection site that will typically resolve in just a few days and can be covered with a light concealer in the meantime.

While no injection is pleasant, the needles that are used by your dermatologist during Botox procedures are very thin. The diameter of the needle has a direct correlation to how much discomfort you feel during the procedure. Most clients report only a mild discomfort from the injections.

In general, Botox is injected into facial muscles around the eyes where we typically get fine lines or crow’s feet, around the mouth to reduce smile lines commonly referred to as Marionette lines, fine lines above the lips, and lines in the forehead or between the eyes that we all tend to get from frowning. Having a frank discussion with your dermatologist about your expectations and the areas that bother you the most will help to ensure you get the expected and desired results.

While the results are not instantaneous, you will see positive results within 7 to 14 days after the injections. Botox procedures provide temporary treatment for facial wrinkles that will last approximately six months before needing re-treatment. During this time, your wrinkles and fine lines will gradually reappear. Most clients report that although the results are temporary and their wrinkles do come back, they are typically less severe than they were before treatment. This is no doubt because the muscles shrink over time.

Botox procedures are not gender specific as both men and women benefit from treatment. In addition, because there is no hospitalization and no real noticeable recovery, you can keep your beauty secret just between you and your dermatologist.

The cost of most cosmetic procedures is prohibitive, but Botox procedures are relatively inexpensive in comparison and can give you a boost in self-confidence with only minimal monetary investment. This is important because most insurance plans will not cover cosmetic procedures, including Botox.

The cost, availability, and results of Botox procedures make this treatment a truly viable option for anyone who would like a boost to their self esteem without breaking the bank.