When to Use a Veterinary Centrifuge

When to Use a Veterinary Centrifuge

One of the most used and important devices that is a staple in laboratories, clinics, and hospitals providing services related to animals is the veterinary centrifuge. Veterinary centrifuges can come in different sizes.

Some are big enough to stand on the floor while others are small enough that they can fit in counters or workbenches. Similar to other centrifuges, veterinary centrifuges have different components such as the motor, rotor, centrifuge head, and the shaft.

The centrifuge head comes with cups or shields that cover the rotor and turn on the spindle. Veterinary centrifuges are reliable devices that are used to separate urine, hematocrit, blood, semen, and other samples.

Critical for diagnosis of blood disorders and other animal diseases. Hettich is considered one of the leading manufacturers of top quality and world-class centrifuges in the market today.

Their centrifuges are designed to meet the different needs of laboratory workers and veterinarians. Their veterinary centrifuges are ideal for quick centrifugation and separating small volumes of liquid.