Why You Should Choose Painless Dentistry

Why You Should Choose Painless Dentistry

In essence, painless dentistry is the option of having your oral medical procedures and surgeries done with minimum, almost no pain at all. If you don’t look forward to visiting the dentist only until it becomes necessary, you would be surprised to know that there are many people who feel the same way.

Despite the many benefits dental health has to offer, many people still avoid seeing a dentist because of fear. In fact, one survey found that 36% cited “fear” as their main reason for not getting care—a number significantly higher than those avoiding contact with dentists altogether (30-40 million). Fortunately, there’s painless dentistry.

Painless dentistry is a recent development in dental treatment that uses the latest medical technology. Laser and sedation techniques allow patients to experience painlessness during their procedure, making this form of practice more popular than ever before.

Modern dentistry is an exciting time to be in the field of health care. The use and functionality of instruments has evolved significantly over recent years, leading many modern-day operating dentists to offer less painful experiences than their predecessors did even if they don’t claim outright that all procedures will be painless.


Why You Should Opt for Painless Dentistry

Dentists who don’t want to hurt their patients can offer a painless dentistry option. In some cases, dental anxiety is caused by pain or public perception of it and this could be relieved through an alternative treatment that doesn’t involve any discomfort or pain at all.

Researchers have found that people who experience painless dentistry are more likely to refer their friends and family members. Furthermore, sedation dentistry helps calm patients down so they can better enjoy the peerless benefits of this great option.

The more people who try out such options, the better. Sedation dentistry is important for calming individuals and it helps to reduce their anxiety when getting treatments done in painless dental clinics like ours.

Below are some of the people that can benefit from painless dentistry:

  • People who consistently postpone dental appointments because of fear
  • People who are fearful or allergic to needles or shots
  • People with sensitive teeth
  • People who have gone through a traumatic dental experience
  • People with complex dental problems
  • People who are too busy to complete the dental work
  • People with serious gag reflex
  • People with fear of smells, tastes, and noises that are associated with dental care

Is Painless Dentistry Safe?

While performing surgery without the use of anesthesia carries a risk, there are safety parameters set by relevant authorities and boards to enable safe practice. Anaesthesia can be delivered in many different ways: pills that your doctor will give you before the procedure, nitrous oxide gas, etc.

One of the most important parameters for choosing a dentist is their qualifications. Most dentists are qualified in their training duration to administer nitrous oxide and minimal sedation through pills, but newer ones can also provide moderate sedation if needed.

In some cases, a patient’s dentist will prescribe deep sedation and/or anaesthesia. In order for this to happen though they must have completed the appropriate training and qualifications.

Using complex techniques requires expertise, which is why typically certified dentists are oral and maxillofacial surgeons. An anesthesia dentist can be an invaluable addition to the dental team because they have extensive knowledge about how a patient’s medical conditions affect their ability for surgery.